Covid-19 contingency plan

Turcongel · Altura Park · Avenida Park

Internal Protocol on Prevention Procedures

Dear Customers:

In order to guarantee maximum safety and ensure the well-being of all Turcongel customers and employees, some extraordinary measures were implemented in light of the current “Covid 19” pandemic and in accordance with the recommendations and guidelines of the Health Authorities and the Portuguese Government to minimise its effects as much as possible. Turcongel is committed to enforcing the present protocol of prevention procedures, and thus guaranteeing the best level of cleanliness, hygiene and safety to all our guests and employees. We thank you in advance for your understanding and collaboration, and wish you a great and safe stay.


Please maintain the recommended social distancing and avoid personal contact even when greeting. The use of a mask is mandatory inside the reception building and all common interior areas. Only one person should go to the reception that is shared by the 3 buildings, for the usual Check In procedures (confirm booking details, collect the accommodation keys and make payments), or deal with other matters of interest. Our reception has face-to-face service from 9 am to 10 pm. Outside these hours and for emergency situations, please call 281 950 560 or the internal extension number 16. On all floors of the building next to the stairs and elevator, there are alcohol-based sanitising dispensers for hand disinfection. We increased the frequency of the cleaning service in common areas, with particular focus on objects exposed to human contact, such as doors, service desks, bathrooms, handrails, elevators, etc.


The cleaning of the accommodation units strictly follows the rules defined by the Direção Geral de Saúde, that refer to the cleaning and disinfection practices in order to guarantee the well-being of our customers and employees. Cleaning of the apartments can only be carried out when the occupants (the clients) are not present. As a precaution measure we advise you to remove your shoes and wash your hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds, once you enter your accommodation. Towels will be changed twice a week and bed linen once a week. For your safety, some items were removed, such as rugs and pillows to make cleaning more effective. For more information, you can contact the reception by calling 281 950 560 or by using the internal telephone extension 16. Keys can be handed over to reception or left at the apartment for later collection.


If you have a fever, cough or difficulty breathing, please inform the reception by calling the phone number 281 950 560 or extension 16 and please stay in your accommodation unit. You can also contact the Portuguese National Health Service, SNS, by calling the number 808 24 24 24 who will provide you with any additional information.


The pool water is controlled every day and permanently disinfected according to the regulations in force. Bacteriological and physical-chemical analyses of water quality are carried out at least twice a month, according to the recommendations established by the ARS, and the results of the respective analyses are affixed on site. In the swimming pool sanitary only the toilets and washbasins can be used, and not the showers. The number of users in the pool will be limited in order to maintain a 2-meter distance between loungers occupied by people not belonging to the same group (family). Sanitary facilities and pool mattresses are regularly disinfected as recommended by the D.G.S. . In the current phase of the pandemic the best actions are prevention and proactive containment measures. We thank you in advance for your understanding and collaboration in this matter, wishing everyone a safe stay.

The Management